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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a highly effective treatment designed to save a severely damaged or infected tooth. Our dentists and team offer root canal treatment to relieve pain, restore function and protect your smile. If you have tooth pain or sensitivity, root canal therapy may be the solution you need to preserve your oral health.

What Root Canal Therapy Can Address

Root canal therapy is designed to treat several dental issues, such as:

  • Severe tooth decay
  • Cracked or damaged teeth
  • Tooth infections or abscesses
  • Deep tooth pain or sensitivity

By removing the infected or damaged tissue inside the tooth, root canal therapy can eliminate pain and prevent further dental issues.

The Root Canal Therapy Process

The process of root canal therapy begins with a consultation, where our dentists will assess your needs and determine if root canal therapy is the best option. During the procedure, the infected or damaged tissue inside the tooth is removed, and the root canals are cleaned and sealed. The tooth is then restored with a filling or crown, leaving it healthy, strong and functional. The procedure is typically comfortable, and most patients can resume normal activities shortly after treatment.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Choosing root canal therapy offers several benefits, including:

  • Relief from tooth pain and sensitivity
  • Prevention of tooth loss
  • Restoration of tooth function
  • Improved oral health and hygiene

Preserve Your Smile With Root Canal Therapy

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