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Oral Surgery

Oral surgery plays a crucial role in addressing complex dental issues and improving oral health. Our dentists and team offer a range of oral surgery services, ensuring you receive the expert care you need for a healthy, functional and attractive smile. These include:

What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery encompasses various surgical procedures aimed at treating conditions affecting the teeth, gums, jaw and face. These procedures can address a range of issues, from impacted wisdom teeth to jaw misalignment, helping restore function and alleviate discomfort.

What Oral Surgery Can Help With

Oral surgery can address a variety of concerns, including:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Tooth extractions
  • Jaw misalignment
  • Oral infections
  • Dental implants

What to Expect During Your Visit

When you visit McRae Family Dental for oral surgery, you can expect a comfortable and professional environment. Our team will assess your needs, discuss your treatment options and ensure you feel informed and at ease throughout the process. We use the latest techniques and technologies to provide effective and efficient care.

Benefits of Oral Surgery 

  • Relief: Alleviate pain and discomfort from dental issues
  • Functionality: Restore proper function to your teeth and jaw
  • Health: Address infections and prevent further complications
  • Confidence: Improve your smile’s appearance and boost your confidence

Schedule Your Oral Surgery Consultation

If you need oral surgery in Athens, Georgia, to address a dental issue, schedule a consultation with Dr. Matthew McRae Jr. and associates today at 706-546-8480. Our experienced team is here to provide the expert care you need for a healthier, happier smile.